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Aspire Academy is a Primary and Secondary Alternative Provision, covering Harlow and areas of West Essex, with up to 103 pupils ranging from 4 to 16 years.

Since opening in 2014, we have grown from a collection of pre-fab buildings to a purpose-built site with facilities for all ages, including playing fields, sports court, dining hall and our soon-to-be completed primary playground.

Our learners come from a variety of backgrounds but are all welcomed into the Aspire family, where they are given their uniforms, meals and unconditional support. Our Primary pupils learn through cross-curricular, themed topics such as Dinosaurs, the Circus and Robin Hood.

In Secondary, learners study up to 6 GCSEs from a choice of 8 subjects, as well as vocational options offered by alternative providers. We joined the TBAP Trust in December 2017 and are looking forward to embracing the opportunities that this will bring.

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TBAP Aspire AP Academy is a primary and secondary alternative provision (AP) academy located in Harlow, Essex. With twenty primary and eighty secondary pupils, Aspire prides itself on supporting and assisting learners who have different and often challenging educational needs. Staffed with caring and supportive professionals, the Academy meets the needs of pupils with Educational Health Care Plans as well as those who, for a variety of reasons, have been unsuccessful in mainstream education.

Through child-centred planning Aspire strives to work in partnership with multiple services to ensure the highest level of care and exploration so that each individual receives the specialist support they deserve. Through this process the academy empowers the children and parents to fulfil their potential, with many undertaking a highly tailored transition package to re-join mainstream or specialist education.

Aspire’s 2017 Ofsted Report acknowledged that “Staff forge excellent relations with pupils” and went on to highlight that staff “show remarkable patience, perseverance and understanding when dealing with each pupil.” The academy also prides itself on fostering strong links between home and school as recognised by Ofsted “Parents and carers praise the way leaders and staff engage with their children.”

TBAP Aspire AP Academy ’s primary provision incorporates a successful Early Years delivery as well as a bespoke curriculum across the primary phase that identifies and targets gaps in prior learning. Children are encouraged to develop their social and emotional skills alongside their academic learning with a curriculum that is inventive and robust. All professionals in primary work closely together and the learners are encouraged to work, rest and play as a family unit.

At KS3 the curriculum is tailored to support learners back into a mainstream school, or move them forward to more specialised provision. The curriculum focuses on the core academic disciplines that our students both require and are entitled to. Delivered by a team of academic professionals, all students study English, Mathematics, Science and the Humanities with a specialised focus on British Values and SMSC education.

The KS4 curriculum allows learners to select a range of GCSE and vocational options to suit their Post-16 aspirations. This includes subjects ranging from Geography to Land Based Studies, and ICT to Construction. Aspire’s goal is to enter each learner for every qualification that they are capable of achieving and they pride themselves on the results and achievement they attain. The support continues into their post-16 life with ex-learners regularly dropping in to access support, conduct work experience within the academy and helping to raise the aspirations of current learners.

Aspire’s philosophy is clear – all staff strive to be the people that they themselves needed when they were young. This guides not only our ethos but also our actions. In the words of a parent: “This school has changed my son’s life completely – a truly an amazing place.”



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TBAP Aspire AP Academy
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What the learners say about the TBAP Aspire AP Academy

  • 'I'm so happy. I'm in college! This is the start of something new and I'm ready for it. I'm so happy I can't wait to start the next chapter of my life. If I wasn't at Aspire I don't know where I would be right now. I know I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am now. Thank you everyone for the support for getting me this far. I just wish Aspire was around from the start. '

    (now at College)
  • 'I feel really different now I am at Aspire. I am more confident. My family have noticed I am happy and I have things to look forward to. My Granddad cried when I did my first week - my Granddad never cries!.'

    (Noe at college)
  • 'Staff are good at handling us when we’re angry and know what to do with us; they know your mood and give you time out to reflect.'

    Year 11
  • 'Aspire has helped me so much, especially the teachers. They have supported so much in leaving me alone and not being on my case all the time. Showing me techniques on how to calm down when I get angry and stressed. I really enjoy it at Aspire.'

    Returned to mainstream school

Curriculum & Learning


    As part of the referral process pupils have their educational needs assessed in order to provide then with an appropriate curriculum. All pupils have access to a Core Curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, SMSC; History, Media, Art, Drama, Citizenship and PE. Particular emphasis will be placed on the acquisition of functional and aged related literacy and numeracy skills.

    In addition all pupils have access to a wide range of ‘out of the classroom’ learning opportunities such as hair and beauty, outdoor pursuits and child care.


    Progress is continuously monitored by the pupils Tutor and Principal. Any changes are discussed with parents/carers and timetables changed accordingly.


    It is the stated intention of TBAP Aspire AP Academy to try to ensure that as many referred pupils as possible are able to acquire a level of personal, social and learning skills which will enable them to successfully return to their or another mainstream school/academy.

    Where this is not possible, TBAP Aspire AP Academy will support pupils to be able to successfully transition to the next stage of their education and life whether this be further education (post 16), training, apprenticeship or employment.