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Funded by the DfE Social Innovations Fund, the TBAP Residence opened in December 2015. It is an Educational Care provision and is part of the wider TBAP educational offer. The intention of the Residence is to support families and dramatically reduce the need for young people to go into the social care system. The TBAP Residence aims to maximise the opportunities for vulnerable young people who are in a cycle of temporary care placements or who find themselves to be on the edge of care. This is achieved by minimising disruption in education and maintaining strong relationships at times of crisis and stress for young people and their families.

The TBAP Residence provides:

• a safe, therapeutic place for a young person in crisis
• a place where consistency in education and therapeutic intervention is retained
• opportunities for teachers and therapists to work more intensively
• respite care for a young person, or a family, when the relationships within the home have become too volatile
• space and time for parents and carers to engage with the family workers at any of our TBAP Academies, when they are less emotionally charged

Safeguarding Policy

With a consistent and structured delivery model the TBAP Residence reflects the vision, mission and impact of all TBAP settings. The Residence combines a well-proven therapeutic framework, with an innovative and high quality learning offer supported within a safe and nurturing care environment. It is these three key aspects of the Residence that supports learners and their families at a critical time allowing them the space and time to reflect and resolve.

The TBAP Residence promotes key qualities of:

• a clear and focused mission
• a safe supportive environment
• independence and teamwork
• maximising the opportunity and desire to learn
• frequent monitoring of learner progress
• positive home-school relations
• a climate of high expectations

The TBAP Residence will put a young person in a space where they can learn new ways of doing things, and where they can explore internally (self ) and externally (professionally) initiated change. This will be achieved through a variety of therapeutic approaches and interventions; a consistent educational offer and an extensive enrichment programme.

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The TBAP Residence exists to support young people who attend one of its Academies and who are in or on the edge of care, and/or involved in the youth justice system.

The TBAP Residence aims to provide learners with the support they need to re-engage with their education. It focuses on facilitating improved behaviour, educational achievement and family relationships as well as reducing youth offending and reducing the number of young people entering care.

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Executive Head Teacher – Krishna Purbhoo
Head Teacher – Amy Smith

TBAP Residence Broadfield Park,
Brighton Road,
RH11 9RZ

t: 0203 108 0345


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