About us

Crucially the TBAP Residence has a therapeutic offer at the core of the model, which extends to the learner’s family and wider support network. It aims to interrupt the spiral of chaos that some of the most vulnerable learners find themselves in as a result of placement breakdown, family crisis or the need for respite care.

The intended outcomes of the TBAP Residence are:

  • i. Improved achievement and better academic outcomes for the young people attending the Residence;

ii. Improved behaviour, better life-skills and a reduction in offending among young people attending;

  • iii. Improved family relationships and parenting skills for the families of young people attending;

  • iv. A reduction in the number of young offenders, and in the number of learners in care entering the secure estate, in the Tri-borough area;

  • v. A reduction in the number of looked-after children and in the number of residential care weeks required, in the Tri-borough area.

What we actually provide

Learners are referred to the TBAP Residence from their TBAP school via a multi-agency approach. Their needs are assessed and agreement is secured from both the learners and the family/carers before they can attend. This is a voluntary intervention – not enforced.

​​ ▪ Behaviour is assessed and monitored so interventions are targeted at particular risk factors;

▪ There is emphasis on including families in the interventions, with aftercare support;

▪ Support is provided in small groups of young people or one to one;

▪ There is an emphasis on creating a holistic learning environment.

For more information contact:
Head of School: Amy Smith
Executive Head Teacher: Krishna Purbhoo